Summer internship

A two-month internship with Urbanistes du Monde is an opportunity for students interested in urban issues in southern cities to develop new skills and engage in an international, intellectual and civic approach . Benefiting from a network of correspondents throughout the world, all of them experts on urban issues, UdM leads different research projects each year on a theme related to urban challenges in cities in the South.

Good to know before committing

A human experience

This internship does not take place in a company. It is a individual research project, supervised by a senior referent from Urbanistes du Monde and one of our other partners. The trainee is welcomed in the majority of the cases by a correspondent of the association abroad.

A immersive experience abroad

To succeed in a UdM internship, you have to be autonomous and curious. Students abroad must have some knowledge of the language of the country.

The internship is organised through an agreement with the university of origin of the student. Urbanistes du Monde’s interns benefit from a fixed compensation for the duration of the internship.

How to apply

The future trainee chooses a case study and a city in line with each year’s theme and sends his project proposal and a CV to  the association’s secretariat:
For 2018, applications are already closed.

Before leaving (April-June)

Once the project is accepted, we accompany the trainee in the construction of his project. During the months leading up to the field trip, one or more information and work meetings are proposed; these are good times to improve the internship project.

It is essential for the trainee to sign the internship agreement that provides insurance and social security in the foreign country. The plane ticket is the trainee’s responsibility.

On site (June-August)

The trainee manages his or her own schedule and work schedule.

During the internship, the trainee conducts surveys, supported by a bibliography and field interviews with local actors, academics and citizens. The duration of the stay on the ground is minimum one month.

Tutors and the scientific committee help the interns before and during the fieldwork.

In addition, the UdM internship provides you with on-site support through its network of correspondents.

After (September-October)

All trainees will be able to share their experiences and points of view at a forum which brings together professionals from Southern and Northern cities as well as researchers.

In order to prepare this meeting, two types of documents are desired: a report of about twenty pages (excluding annexes) and a visual support.

The use of video and the making of a short film are encouraged.

At the end of the intership, it is possible to get involved for a longer period within UdM, our association is always looking for active members to develop its actions.

Testimonials from former trainees