The NGO was created on December 20, 2005 in the Senate during a general constituent assembly chaired by Yves Dauges, Senator-Mayor of Chinon, and led by Jean Frébault, General Engineer of the Bridges and Roads and Grand Prix d’Urbanisme .

At the extraordinary general meeting held on January 8, 2018, the statutes and the founding charter were modified as follows:

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 Charter (Annex 1 of the statutes)

  1. The world is our land, small and fragile. Cities are constantly growing  in population and size. Our task lies at the heart of the universal, complex and eternel movement of urban development.
  2. We are urban planners and urban professionals, and our responsibility is to make cities around the world beautiful, functional and enjoyable for the greatest number of people. This is our job.
  3. We propose to facilitate skills and experience exchanges in priority for cities in developing countries.
  4. We will respect the authorities of the countries where we will work. They will make their request to “Urbanistes du Monde” and agree on the content of our mission, by definition temporary.
  5. Our job will be to train, advise and assist local teams so that they can work in the best conditions.
  6. We consider  recognising the competence and experience of local professionals as fundamental. We will have as much interest to learn from local traditions, achievements and practices as to give advice.
  7. Our movement is composed of freely associated independent urban planners. We do not depend on anyone and have no connection with any organisation or national, international  political, economic or religious institution.
  8. We only ask to be judged on our work. An internal evaluation procedure will ensure this requirement, before and after our intervention.
  9. If our usual working language is French, we committed ourselves to communicating most of the time using the language from the cities we work with.
  10. Regarding the remuneration of our missions, and in addition to the support by the applicant, travel and living expenses, it will be modest or zero. It will be established on a principle of equalisation by “Urbanistes du Monde”, on a case by case basis, depending on whether the planner is an employee, teacher, independent consultant, civil servant or retiree.
  11. We welcome all planners of the world, of any language, any origin and any nationality to join us. We are citizens of the cities of the world.